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Clinical trials are essential for offering innovative healthcare solutions to improve health and treatment outcomes. At Teva, we hold ourselves to the highest professional and ethical standards, and we recognize the importance of publically sharing our research. We are committed to:

  • Providing patients and healthcare professionals with important information about Teva medicines in development
  • Ensuring the safety of patients who take part in Teva clinical trials and upholding the highest ethical standards in all research
  • Being a leader in the public disclosure of clinical trial results

This website provides results and other information related to Teva-sponsored clinical trials.

Teva Clinical Trials
Teva Clinical Trials

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Information about Teva clinical trials currently enrolling participants

Study Results

Results of completed Teva clinical trials, including currently-available Plain Language Summaries and EMA Policy 0070 submission packages

Transparency Policy

Teva's policy regarding the public disclosure of clinical study results

Data Requests

Opportunity for qualified researchers to request access to de-identified patient-level data

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Information about Teva’s Compassionate Use Programs

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Teva’s Commitment to Clinical Trial Transparency

Teva believes clinical trial participants and the public should have access to clinical trial results to promote data transparency and support the advancement of medical understanding. Data from our studies are handled with care to ensure patient safety, data quality, and corporate integrity. Our commitment to data sharing is aligned with global pharmaceutical industry associations and related laws. Teva will ensure results of clinical trials are made publicly available per regulatory guidelines and will provide free access to this information online, regardless of whether results are neutral, positive, or negative.

In an effort to enhance transparency, Teva is committed to sharing data with qualified researchers. This advances medical knowledge and scientific discovery, which can help improve public health. Teva understands the importance of protecting patient privacy and preserving regulatory authority, while maintaining incentives for those who generate data to conduct new research.

Teva provides free access to clinical study plans and results online on several global, publically-accessible Clinical Trial Registries. To access information on Teva clinical trials, please visit our Find a Trial page.

Teva’s Policy on Clinical Trial Transparency & Disclosure describes key mechanisms through which we comply with relevant FDA and EMA regulations.

Read our Policy on Clinical Trial Transparency & Disclosure

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